Satellite Antenna

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In the complete set are available:
  • Satellite Antenna
  • The antenna are made of zinc-coated steel with a corrosion-resistant finish and good coverage quality.
  • All antennas are easy to assemble, set up or transport.
  • The antenna’s surface quality and form allow for slightly better signal reception compared to other antennas of the same size.
Frequency range: 10,5-13 GHz
Suspension: azimuthal angle
Diameter: 850 х 793 mm
The angle of displacement: 21°
F/D: 0,66
Increased to 10.75 GHz: 37.1 dB
Increased to 11.75 GHz: 37.9 dB
Increased to 12,75 GHz: 38.7 dB
Efficiency at 11.75 GHz ~ 70%
Support for LNB Diameter: 23-40-60 mm