Gi WS100 eTRAYz

Network Storage
Gi WS100 eTRAYz

Download useful files
In the complete set are available:
  • Network storage
  • Power supply unit with power cord
  • Internet Cable
  • User's manual
  • Disk with software
  • The Gi WS100 is a computer with a 4 TB hard drive array, connected to the network and maintaining processes supported by appropriate protocols. The eTRAYz ensures reliable data storage, easy access for multiple users, easy administration and scaling.
  • • The eTRAYz is intended to provide data storage services for other devices in the network, such as PCs, Gi MT100s and others. The eTRAYz OS and software ensure the data storage and file system’s operation, file access and system function control.
  • • The Gi WS100 eTRAYz is managed through the network using a Web browser. The WS100 eTRAYz makes it possible to install BitTorrent and eMule clients, an email server, RapidShare Downloader, PhpMyAdmin, Joomla etc.
  • • The main advantage of the WS100 is in its affordable price compared to full-scale servers, along with high integration speed: 10-15 minutes are required to set up the system.
  • • You can view a DEMO version of the WS100 interface that allows viewing installable software here
Media Streamer Optimization
eTRAYz eConnector
Buddy SyncFolder
e-Torrent Downloader
Web Server
802.11n Support
Backup Station
NFS Server
Printer Server
FTP Server
iTunes Server
UPnP Server
Privilege Management
DDNS Support
Smart Fan Control
Raid Managment
Gigabit LAN
USBCopy Backup